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The Ottavio bracelet complements casual and smart casual attire. In her company every casual bracelet in a similar color looks great. The varied colors of the bracelet slightly reduce the formalities of the outfit, although it should be added that the stones that make up are in slightly subdued colors. It can also appear on the wrist solo or in the company of a stylish watch.

Ottavio bracelet

  • ball with the BRASETTI JEWELS logo 8mm - silver pr. 925
  • spacer with BRASETTI JEWELS pendant - silver pr. 925
  • spacers - silver pr. 925
  • agate stones black gloss 6 mm
  • tiger stones eye gloss 6 mm
  • jasper stones imperial mat 6 mm

All bracelets are handmade in our studio in Cracow and each is unique due to the texture and variety of stones. The silver elements are polished and finished manually with attention to every detail.

  • Order fulfillment up to 48 hours
  • 5-year warranty of durability
  • Each BRASETTI JEWELS jewelry purchased in the online store is packed in an original, elegant box

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